About Rikki

Hello! I’m Rikki. I’m a London based doggy fanatic, adorer of alliteration, lackey to two smalls and mum to a terrier with bolsh of epic proportions. 

I am a petpreneur myself. I run a successful doggy daycare in South West London. It was here that my understanding and quest for dog knowledge were born. When I started out I was a dog lover through and through, but my learning of all things dog really took off when I started my own dog business. 

I yearn to understand our four-legged friends, and as time has progressed, I have developed a desire to understand their owners and guardians more too. 

I am in a unique position where I not only love dogs and dog businesses, but I understand them. And crucially, I know your target market extraordinarily well too. 

I adore writing about any and everything dog. I have ideas for content spilling out of my seams. For that content to truly deliver and do it’s do, I need to get to know you.

Rikki The Canine CopyWriter

Enough about me, I want to know all about you!

In order for me to produce quality content that focuses on your goals, your business, and your audience, I want to delve into your business with you. 

The first step to exploring whether we are a good fit for each other and whether I can help your business bloom is to have a good chinwag. 

I want to know all about you; how you started, your motivations, how things have changed, and where you want to go. Tell me about your pain points, the business booms, and your mediocre hum drums.

Don’t let your pet business stagnate

The pet industry is ever-evolving and what I love about petpreneurs is that we are adaptable, creative, and innovative. 

I want to help you evolve your business, grow your engagement, and boost the quality of content you have available to share with your audience. 

Resonate with your audience with useful, informative and relatable content that helps you


Prove yourself to be a trustworthy and knowledgeable pet industry expert


Nail your niche


Boost your engagement

Are you ready to talk?

I can talk all day about dogs and marketing, so I have to put a time limit on our initial discovery call so we don’t while the day away!

Book in for a 30-minute discovery call with me, and let’s make sense of where you’re at.