Why I’m passionate about writing blogs for pet businesses

October 18, 2020


Rikki S

I write blogs for pet businesses

I write blogs for pet businesses because I am passionate about helping petpreneurs achieve their dreams. As a pet business owner myself, I know the industry well, and that converts into compelling copy from someone who truly lives, sleeps, and breathes it.

I am a big fan of niching

I have no doubt that over time I will talk a fair bit about niching here at The Canine Copywriter. I love it for so many reasons; perhaps the biggest reason is that you can focus on your passion, which will shine through to your audience.

I’m passionate about dogs and dog businesses

While I’m sure I could write for a financial institution or a gardening business, I would find it quite a painful process. It would take an awful lot of painstaking research that I really wouldn’t enjoy, and the end result would likely lack a bit of luster.

When it comes to dogs and dog businesses, however, I enjoy consuming everything about them. This means that the research phase is fun, and with every new morsel of information I take in, I find my creative juices flowing with ideas.

I believe this comes across in my writing. When you enjoy something, and you’re enthused about it, you have a much greater chance of making your reader feel the same way.

What’s the big deal about niching

What’s great about working with people within a niche that you know and love is that you don’t have to explain the ins and outs of what you do. Not only that, when you niche, it makes your marketing so much easier.

Hopefully, your target audience is crystal clear, which means that you can much more easily create content that they’ll love.

For example, if you make clothing and accessories for sighthounds, then you have a wealth of content that you can create which isn’t just targeted at any dog owner, but a pooch parent that you really understand.

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Perhaps you make dog beds for pups who suffer from mobility issues or joint pain. You’re no longer trying to market a bed to every dog owner on the planet, but you are targeting a niche market that you can help. And you can help them not only with your product but with a heap of information that addresses their pain points and thus inspires confidence and trust in your brand.

Or maybe you’re a dog walker, and you can share tips to help your clients enjoy their walks with their dogs. You can recommend fantastic products that will make their life with their dog so much easier and more enjoyable. A firm favourite with my clients and the local community has been sharing new places to explore with their pups on the weekends.

I am a professional dog walker

I have been a professional dog walker since 2014, and I love it. I have learned a ton over the years and enjoy continuing to further my knowledge and understanding of dogs, their behaviour, and the struggles their owners may face.

Through walking an array of wonderful pups, I have been exposed to many breeds, ages, and temperaments. I have also had endless chats with various pet parents sharing their joys, worries, and wins with their dogs.

We’ve trouble-shooted problems together, welcomed the expertise of dog trainers and behaviourists’, and enjoyed phases from puppyhood to old age.

These experiences have added to my ability to understand the types of topics that dog owners want to explore and know more about.

You are an expert in your field

Whichever area of dogdom you inhabit, you will have valuable insight and information you can share with me. I adore learning about different aspects of the world of pet professionals and their businesses.

And I live for turning that information into copy that will help grow your authority within your domain and help you reach and convert more of your people into lifelong customers.  

Ultimately, I want to help more petpreneurs to thrive, more dogs to live their best lives, and more owners to access the information they need to help them through their lives as pet parents.

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Blogs are the gateway to connection and trust

Finally, I firmly believe that whatever pet business you are in, blogs are the gateway to establishing trust and building connection with your clients, both existing and prospective.

Your blogs are a way to share your knowledge, inspire your audience, and establish a foundation for an ongoing relationship. Through your blogs, your clients can gain a greater understanding of who you are, your products or services, and your knowledge of dogs.

Within the niche of dog businesses, we are incredibly blessed to be selling to people who want the absolute best for their pups.

Your blogs are your way to demonstrate why you are the best choice for them.

And of course, Google likes them too. And we all want to climb up those Google ranks! 

If you’d like some help creating riveting copy for your pet business, then why not book in for a free discovery call with me, and let’s dive into your business and blogging strategy. You can get a flavour of how I’ve worked with other pet businesses by checking out my portfolio.


Written by Rikki S

Hi, I'm Rikki. I'm a copywriter specialising in helping pet businesses with copy that attracts, engages, and converts.



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