Dog Blogs to help your pet business to shine

Engaging, informative, and useful content will help both enthuse your existing clients to grow their knowledge and entice new clients ripe for conversion!

Regular blog content will be a fantastic addition to your marketing plan, but you must be aware that they are just a piece of the puzzle.

Incorporating your fresh new content into a communication and marketing strategy will ensure you achieve the maximum impact and the very best results.

Consistent, Valuable, Quality Content to help your business thrive

Both Google and your clients will reward you for providing reliable, knowledgeable, and regular content. People say that content is king, and while I agree, I believe it’s what you do with it that really counts.

Your shiny new blog content provides you with oodles of bang for your buck. Forget thinking of it as a one-off piece that you publish, promote once, and promptly forget. 

Repurpose that content, spread it far and wide, and let it really get to work for you

“Rikki has gone above and beyond what I expected for my blog, based on working with other companies and the brief given.

The Canine Copywriter has come on board for an upcoming site launch, and I’ve no doubt her SEO enriched, clever content will be a brilliant long term benefit to our brand.

The onboarding experience was easy and thorough, and it clearly shows in her work the passion Rikki has for her craft.

Highly recommend any pet based business to have a chat and see how Rikki can help you!

– Katharine, The Cats Knitting

Which is the right content marketing package for you?

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Two Blogs A Month - £299 a month (6 month commitment)

I know exactly what I want.
I know my target audience.
I have my own blog content ideas and keyword targets.
I know what my marketing strategy is.
I just want you to write it for me.

What’s inside:

We’ll go through a collaborative briefing process so that what’s in your head, winds up on paper. Only better!
I’ll go away and write you two compelling blogs of a minimum of 700 words on your chosen topics and keywords. Blogs that nail your messaging and inspire your readers
I’ll write your SEO Meta Titles and Descriptions so that when your blog appears on Google, it’s enticing AF for peeps to click through too
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Content Strategy With Purpose - £449

I have no idea how to develop a content marketing strategy for my blogs.
I’d like to deep dive into my business and my target clients with you.
So you can go and squirrel away on keyword research, competitor analysis, and market research to develop a blogging content plan that’s built just for me.

What’s inside:

A 90 minute kick-off call where we will flash out whatever struggles you’re facing to help move your content marketing forwards. Working in isolation is hard sometimes. You need someone to bounce ideas off, to give you fresh eyes, and to ignite some motivation
We will look at your target market. What interests them, what their pain points are, and what resonates with them. We will dive into your goals, and I’ll hatch a cunning plan to help set you on your way to achieving them
I will go and squirrel away and come up with a 6 month content plan for you. I’ll bring together the ideas, research, and competitor analysis into a content strategy map uniquely created for you
You’ll also get all my keyword research in a useful sheet that you can use to help with your future content creation – keeping you chugging along way beyond our initial 6 month plan
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Content Marketing Plus (strategy, blogs, emails & socials all done for you) - £519 a month (6 month commitment)

I am too busy, or I’m not interested in content marketing.
I know I need it, but I’d like you to come up with the ideas, strategise my content marketing, and create it all, you magical wordsmith, you!

What’s inside:

You get the full clever clogs content kit and caboodle, so sit back and take a load off. It’s all taken care of for you
I write two high-quality blogs of a minimum of 700 words. I take into account your target audience, the competing content on the topic and go away and work my wordsmith magic
I write your SEO Meta Titles and Descriptions so that what appears on Google feels worth a click-through
I write two emails a month to market your blog to your mailing list so that your blog doesn’t just sit there ignored… and neither does your mailing list
I write the social media content to promote your blog post, so all you have to do is schedule it and choose your images or graphics. Because writing a blog is next to useless if you don’t promote it

Why do your packages need a six month commitment?

If you want to grow your business using content marketing, you need to produce high-quality, targeted content on a consistently regular basis. Writing the odd banging blog here and there and bashing it out into the public domain is not going to cut it.

Sorry! I know words like consistency, strategy, and follow-through are exceedingly yawn-worthy. But without them, your blogging efforts will go unrewarded.

And I don’t want that for you.

So, it’s six months commitment to your blogging strategy, so you don’t throw money down the drain.


your target client’s pain points, interests, and what makes them tick.


blog content that has your audience waiting in anticipation for your next release.


your blog far and wide and get some heads turning.

Are you ready to talk?

I can talk all day about dogs and marketing, so I have to put a time limit on our initial discovery call so we don’t while the day away!

Book in for a 30-minute discovery call with me, and let’s make sense of where you’re at.